Exir Medical Subspecialties Center

Established in August 2013.

Offering a range of the most advanced medical services for the residents of Al-Jahra and it’s neighboring areas in Kuwait. The Center soon became one of the most sophisticated of its kind, and today the Center consists of twenty different specialized clinics, X-Ray department, laboratory, and pharmacy.

Exir Center is equipped with state of the arts medical technology, complying and competing with international standards. We also take pride in our qualified and dedicated employees and staff including medical doctors, nurses, and administrators who take part in continuous training to ensure we offer our clients the best quality services and the most medically advanced treatment. Therefore the Center first hires the most qualified employees and supports their continuous advancement by offering educational and training courses, lectures, and hands-on workshops. Through these programs offered in collaboration with international educational corporations, we ensure that our employees and medical professionals to keep up to date with the latest advancement in the health care sector.

Furthermore, the modern and exceptional interior design of Exir Center not only offers our clients and visitors the best medical services, but also a pleasant atmosphere that inspires comfort and tranquility.

Exir Medical Subspecialties Center

Our Vision

Exir Medical Subspecialties Center

Our Mission

At Exir Medical Subspecialty Center, we seek to continue our leading role to become and remain an exemplary unit in the Kuwaiti health care sector. Through our highest quality medical services and the use of world-standard equipment, we are constantly cognitive to the needs of our clients, and respond to them in a practically and hastily. These qualities granted us the trust of a large portion of the population, and raised the standards of health care to excellence.

At Exir Medical Subspecialty Center, our mission is to offer our clients the very best quality in medical services in a comforting and pleasant environment. We believe in achieving the highest international standards whether in medical services, patient care, or creating a professional working environment for both medical professionals and employees. In order to achieve these goals, we follow a clear strategy that consists of establishing and maintaining strong relations with other medical service providers, as well as medical professionals, and exchanging work experiences and medical knowledge that ensure offering excellent services to our clients. Furthermore, we offer our employees continuous educational and technical programs to advance and maintain the excellence of their qualifications.

Excellence in Patient Care

To turn our slogan “Excellence in Patient Care” into reality, Our work at Exir Medical Subspecialties Center must revolve around a number of high values.

Excellence in service, Devoted care, Integrity and transparency, Efficiency and effectiveness, Advanced technology, Development of performance and methods of service, Customer and patient satisfaction

Exir Medical Subspecialty Center was established in August 2013, offering a range of the most advanced medical services for the residents of Al-Jahra and it’s neighboring areas in Kuwait.


Exir Medical Subspecialties Medical Center
Block No.4 Jahra - Kuwait

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Opening Hours

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