Diabetes & Endocrinology

Our Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic offers internal medicine diagnosis and treatment including endocrine disorders, diabetes and obesity.

A full range of services for the treatment of obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension and thyroid diseases are available. The resources of the endocrine department at Exir Medical Center are available to assist in the evaluation and treatment of patients with complex endocrine diseases.

  • Comprehensive patient care for diabetics
  • Complete diet and exercise programs
  • Pancreatic function measurements
  • Diabetes
  • Measuring the ratio of albumin
  • Examining the functions of the peripheral nerves
  • Retina and feet examinations
  • Treatments of obesity associated diabetes
  • Treatment of liver fat
  • Treatment of cholesterol
  • Installation and supervision of insulin pumps
  • Installation of 24 hours sugar-level measuring devices
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the thyroid gland
  • Short stature
  • Screening and treatment of vitamin D deficiency
  • Screening and follow-up of high cholesterol
  • Treatment of high blood pressure
  • Diagnosis and follow-up of hypothyroidism
  • Examining the pituitary gland
  • Treatment of menstrual dysfunction and sexual disorders
  • Screening and treatment of calcium disorders
  • Diagnoses and follow-up of osteoporosis
Obesity Treatments
  • Diagnosis and treatment of obesity using the latest medical technologies

Exir Medical Subspecialty Center was established in August 2013, offering a range of the most advanced medical services for the residents of Al-Jahra and it’s neighboring areas in Kuwait.


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