The clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and devices for all cases relating to the nose, ear and throat. Our doctors provide the highest quality services.

We have a strong team of doctors comprising experts from all sub specialities in dental sciences including periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics and pedodontics to provide advanced, customised care for teeth problems in both adults and children.

Diagnosis and treatment of ear pain, disorders, and infections:

  • Hearing impairment
  • Dizziness and imbalance
  • Testing hearing and middle ear pressure
  • Ear Cleaning, Eardrum microscopic surgery without incision
  • Middle ear fluid removal, and applying ventilation pipes

Diagnosis and treatment of sinus conditions:

  • Sinus sensitivity, blockage and nose bleeds
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery and endoscopic treatment of the nasal septum with the newest technologies
  • Evaluating the nasal septum, and nasal plastic surgery to improve breathing
  • Examination of the upper and lower respiratory tract and video endoscope

Throat conditions, tonsillitis and pharyngitis

  • Difficulty swallowing, Tongue fungus, Gastric refluxes and acid
  • Treatment of snoring and sleep breathing difficulty using ENP technology which we exclusively provide in Kuwait
  • Larynx and vocal cords operations, we also have the first vocal cords injection treatment in Kuwait

Diagnosis and treatment children cases:

  • Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, as well as using radio waves and thermal vacuuming within minutes.
  • This technology is from Harvard University and the Center exclusively uses it in Kuwait.
  • Delayed children speech
  • Ear plastic surgery without surgical incision, a technique from Indiana University
  • Cleft lip repair, as well as congenital defects of the palate
  • Throat endoscopic treatments
  • Diagnosis and treatment of benign tumors in the head, neck, and lymph nodes

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases and infection in the throat and vocal cords:

  • Changes to voice and hoarseness
  • Speech difficulty
  • Endoscopic removal of benign tumors

Diagnosis and treatment of benign tumors in the Head, Neck, and Lymph nodes

  • Salivary gland removal
  • Surgical procedure in collaboration with Al-Hadi, Al-Salam, and Al-Orf hospitals

Exir Medical Subspecialty Center was established in August 2013, offering a range of the most advanced medical services for the residents of Al-Jahra and it’s neighboring areas in Kuwait.


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